Welcome to the 5-Day Challenge!

Do this short mini-meditation before you start the day’s task! The goal is to get you in the present moment and connect with your true self 👇

Card pull for the challenge

Birth is a portal that ushers in new life. The Hathors are here to remind you that you’re a child of the Cosmic Mother and you’re being called to be held by her deep, never-ending love and embrace.
This is a tender, nourishing card reminding you to receive the deep, deep love of the Mother’s embrace.

The Hathors know that the journey on Earth can be rocky and lonely at times, but you’re being reminded to rest more deeply in the Mother’s arms.

This is a card of extreme potency. Of femininity. Of creation. And of birth. You’re being called to mother yourself and others, too. To surrender to your sacred femininity. To create and surrender to your own creations. To hold and be held.

You’re being called to remember your place in the web of life, and to realize that the Cosmic Mother is watching you every step of the way. You may be going through a transition right now – moving from one way of being to another. If so, you’re being reminded that you’re cradled in a sacred container. That you’re more held than you can possibly imagine. And you have access to more love than your heart can bear.

If you’re struggling in any way, you’re being reassured that things will work out. Open yourself to receiving the overflowing love of the Cosmic Mother, flooding toward you from every direction. Let it stretch your heart.

Day 1

📖 You’ll need: paper/notebook, a pen and your calendar.

Today is all about analyzing our feelings, energy and confidence levels, etc. In other words, we’re going to get into the 101 of Astrology – your Sun and Moon sign.

Your Moon is the way you feel secure in the world, how comforted you are, how stable you feel and the calmness of your mind and body. This is the base state of your existence – the main foundation you need to feel good just being you.

The Sun is responsible for your confidence, for your unique voice, creating the life YOU want unapologetically.

Today, we’re going to:
1. Check in with our Moon and Sun – how active they are and how in tune you are with them
2. Analyze what else we can do better to elevate both of these signs in our birth chart & put them into actionable steps
3. Tap into your intuition & reflect to make this all uniquely yours

Let’s go, shall we?


In the lower form:

Unhealthy sleep regime and quality, stomach and bloating issues, feeling anxious and insecure, hard to express your feelings openly, feeling apathy or depressive episodes, not feeling secure about who you are or whether you can support yourself, issues with the reproductive system, not being able to relax fully, childish behaviour, victim mentality.

In the more harmonic form:

You’re able to accept all of your emotions, feeling in tune with your inner world, you feel trust and security, able to adapt to any changes and accept any situation in the outside world that you can’t control, feeling like the creator of your own life.

✍️ Which one feels closer to you? Why do you think that is? What actions led you to it?
✍️ What do you think, what are the actions in your life that can get you even closer to the more harmonic Moon? What has been already proven in your own life?

Once you answer these questions, add these things below to the list as actions that can help harmonize your Moon:

☑️ Establish quality relationships with your family & mom.
☑️ Connect with your mom more – learn what was her childhood like, her pregnancy with you, why is she the way she is. In the same way, openly talk with her about how you feel, what you like and don’t like in her behaviour.
☑️ Learn to express your feelings openly.
☑️ Learn to manage your feelings and control them.
☑️ Take care of the people you love – listen to them, make them food, share moments together, etc.
☑️ Let go of any anger and resentment (if needed, use different techniques or go to therapy).
☑️ Start expressing your feelings straight away instead of piling them up for later.
☑️ Tune in with your intuition, learn to trust it and hear it better.
☑️ Work on your body, incorporating regular movement, and breathing practices.
☑️ Become more empathetic, learn to listen to people and feel their emotions.
☑️ Say the truth, always – no matter how hard it is. And learn to listen and accept the truth as it is, without tantrums and personal feelings.
☑️ Instead of assuming, ask questions and let the world communicate with you.
☑️ Spend time in the nature.

Once it’s all compiled in a list, go ahead and put them into action! Think of a few ways you can incorporate this in your life right now and put it on your calendar!


In the lower form:

Feeling envious, hard to establish your own worth, giving into “fast satisfaction” often – like binge-watching TV series, eating fast food, scrolling phone, etc. Letting others lead your life instead of living it on your terms. You don’t know/are not proud of what makes you unique, feeling constant stress. Often think that you can’t live the way you want & have different excuses.

In the more harmonic form:

You feel energy, motivation and strength to go after your dreams and ideas, good immunity, feel secure about yourself, your decisions and wants, harmony in your life, things feel easy and in the flow, you’re confident, love yourself, are in a good mood most of the days. Not afraid to focus on yourself, feeling good about your financial situation. You can call yourself creative, ideas are flowing to you, and you’re often creating something new and realising your ideas into life.

✍️ Which one feels closer to you? Why do you think that is? What actions led you to it?
✍️ What do you think, what are the actions in your life that can get you even closer to the more harmonic Sun? What has been already proven in your own life?
✍️ Write out 15 things that you can do to generate more energy & boost your confidence.

Once you answer these questions, add these things below to the list as actions that can help harmonize your Sun:

☑️ Find ways to take charge of your own body and looks – exercise, beauty procedures, clothes, makeup, your health, etc.
☑️ Allocate time just for yourself every day.
☑️ Get out of your comfort zone often – speak up, be bold, show up on social media, etc.
☑️ Organize different events.
☑️ Set out small goals and achieve them.
☑️ Learn new knowledge and find ways to incorporate it into your life straight away. Use the knowledge you get!
☑️ Take responsibility for your life, situation, and current state.
☑️ Let your creativity out – dance, make art, sing, etc.
☑️ Learn to say “no” to things you don’t want to do.
☑️ Establish and be clear and open about your boundaries.
☑️ Be brutally honest with yourself and others – what do you truly want, think, feel?

Once it’s all compiled in a list, go ahead and put them into action! Think of a few ways you can incorporate this in your life right now and put it on your calendar!

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*Please note that all the information above about the Sun & Moon is general – depending on your Sun & Moon sign and house, we can dive way deeper into your specific actions, expressions of Sun & Moon and more. If you want to receive a private reading, book it by clicking here or contact me by sending an email to hello@sabinesorendo.com or send me a message on Instagram @magicofsabi.


Day 2

📖 You’ll need: paper/notebook, a pen, and a completely private space (for the last part of the task).

Today we’ll work on your dream goals and wants… But don’t be fooled, it won’t be as easy as just writing out a list.

We’ll also talk about choices and the opposite goals and wants that come together with what you want.

Today, we’re going to:
1. Dream big and list out our wants
2. List out things we are saying goodbye to
3. Release emotions

Let’s go, shall we?

⚠️ Don’t forget to do the short presence practice at the top of the page to connect with yourself first.



✍️ If there were no limitations (time, money, etc.) and you knew the answer was going to be YES, what would you ask for? List out 5-10 goals and dreams you would like to materialize in your life.
✍️ Who do you need to become to attract these goals in your life? How do you need to think, act, move, talk, etc.?



Now that you’ve allowed yourself to dream big and look into that beautiful life you want, it’s time to talk about decisions and the other part of your wants. We can call these consequences or the shadow part of your dream life – but the name itself doesn’t matter.

What I mean by this… Every choice comes together with another decision. Some examples:
1. If you want a happy family, you can’t wish to be happily single as well – so the decision for a happy family comes together with a decision not to be single anymore.
2. If you want to travel the world, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have to miss a few significant events and celebrations back at home (birthdays, weddings, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.) – so the decision to travel a lot comes together with a decision to miss a few of those things, not be together with friends and family as much, etc.

The truth is, some of these things can be hard to let go of… Which may be one of the reasons you’re not fulfilling your wishes. But you’re the only one who can make these decisions and understand whether you’re okay with the consequences.

✍️ What are the decisions that come along with your dreams and wishes? Do this for each of the goals you listed before.
✍️ Am I ready to make these decisions? If yes, what do I need to do it? If not, am I okay with choosing to stay where I am?
✍️ How do I feel right now? What emotions are present when I’ve realised all this?



It’s possible that by now you may feel some sadness or anger – and it’s completely normal! We’re saying goodbye to some of the things we have known for a long time.

Now it’s time for the last part of today. Holding all these emotions in your body is not serving you so we need to let them get out.

I urge you to put on your favourite music and just let yourself shake in any way, and dance these emotions out. It doesn’t have to be beautiful or perfect – this is why in the beginning I said that you need to have a completely private space where you can be raw and true to yourself. Either ask for people at home to not bother you… Or you can always just do this in the bathroom before a shower if there’s no other option – I have done this as well, no shame about that.

⚙️ What to do if you don’t want to dance or shake? The main goal is to let it all out in a HEALTHY way. Only you’ll know what you need if you truly listen to yourself.
If it’s anger it can be doing a very tough workout or going for a run. If it’s sadness, you may just want to cry. Scream in a pillow, do a breathing exercise, this can be anything! As long as you’re mindful about it and you consciously do the stuff, knowing that this is the moment you’re letting that emotion out, you’re good to go!


Don’t forget to share the insights from today on the Facebook group! If you don’t feel confident to share them in public, please send me a private message on Instagram @magicofsabi – I want to know how you’re getting on with the challenge, what are you feeling, what is coming up, etc.


Day 3

📖 You’ll need: your goals and wishes from yesterday, a paper/notebook, and a pen.

Today we’ll work on intentionally supporting ourselves with words and phrases. In other words – we’re going to set ourselves affirmations and find ways to incorporate them into our daily lives.

I know that affirmations feel very abstract sometimes and it’s hard to feel them when you say them. But don’t worry, I got you covered. As always with me – this task will be very actionable and implementable in your daily life, in your way.

Today, we’re going to:
1. Write a list of affirmations that can support you in your daily life of living the dream life you want.
2. Think of ways to incorporate them into your daily life.
3. Create your own EFT tapping practice.

Let’s go, shall we?

⚠️ Don’t forget to do the short presence practice at the top of the page to connect with yourself first.



Yesterday, you wrote a list of things you want to materialize in your life. And after that, you also answered one important question – “Who do you need to become to attract these goals in your life?”

Today, we’ll compile a list of affirmations that support that.

✍️ Going from your yesterday’s notes, write a list of 10-20 affirmations that can support you on a daily basis. This can be for each goal or for the person you need to become to reach them.

Very important to note – all of them have to be in the present tense, as it’s already happening and is true & real in your life.

I’m 99% sure you know what affirmations are. But, in case you don’t (or need some inspiration), here are a few examples:

* I am resilient and can handle any challenges that come my way.
* I am filled with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead.
* I am deserving of success and happiness.
* I am in control of my thoughts, emotions, feelings and choices.
* I am a money magnet – it comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I urge you to make these your own, with words and phrases that make them uniquely yours. This way, you’ll be more connected to them and they’ll be more powerful.

And try to be as detailed as possible. “I am successful” does not really grasp what it contains – be precise with your wants!

If you need some more inspiration, Google or Pinterest is a great source!



Now this may vary for each person. But what I want you to do is just sit down and think – what are some ways that I can say these things to myself and remember them daily?

✍️ How can I remember and say these affirmations in my daily life?

You’ll have some examples below, but please start with yourself first! Think of your daily life and routines, the places you go, touch, see, hear.

Some examples of how you can incorporate the affirmations in your daily life:

* write them on post it notes and leave them on places you see regularly (mirrors, doors, fridge, laptop, etc.)
* add them to your phone or laptop screensaver
* re-write them every morning in your journal
* have them as a list somewhere you can see them and just read them out loud every day
* set them as reminders or alarms on your phone/laptop so they pop up as notifications
* write it on the cover of the notebook you use every day
* record yourself saying all the affirmations and play the recording every day (in the morning, while on the walk or doing chores, while driving, in the shower, before bed, etc.)
* do a short EFT tapping every day (instructions below)

So now that you’ve got all the ideas – it’s time to implement! Make sure you set out actions that will help you practice this daily.

If it’s something you can do right now (like setting up alarms and notifications), just take the 2 minutes to do it! If its something that requires more time and attention (like recording you saying all the affirmations), get out your calendar/planner and allocate a time for yourself to do it!



EFT means Emotional Freedom Techniques and it’s a powerful technique because it combines the mind and the body. Transformation doesn’t just happen with our thoughts, it is also integrated through our entire body.

Emotional Freedom Techniques combines elements of exposure therapy, cognitive therapy, and physical stimulation of acupressure points on the face and the body. It was invented and made popular by Gary Craig as an approachable and effective tool. There are over 100 peer reviewed scientific studies and counting that demonstrate that EFT is effective and that this healing modality can work across many situations and for many types of people.

There are many ideas as to why EFT is so effective. And the most evidence-based suggestion is that EFT stimulates electricity flow, activating a nervous system response. This is because the physical act of tapping upon these different pressure points of our body and activating these points leads to what is referred to as the piezoelectric effect. Within our body, this effect causes mechanical energy through the tapping of the points to convert into electrical energy. And this kind of sensory event can activate our nervous system to focus its attention on the area of the body that’s being stimulated. Once our brain orients itself to that part of the body, it realizes that we’re not in danger. And then the parasympathetic system is activated as a way to bring down our body’s alert system as a result.

In the method I’m teaching you today, we’ll be tapping the points that are derived from the acupuncture points that were used in Chinese medicine. These nine traditional EFT Tapping Points were originally inspired by Eastern medicine. Meridian theory and related anciently rooted philosophies on energetic healing that are still very popular across the world today. Energy meridians along the human body were first interpreted approximately 5,000 years ago. The cornerstone of meridian theory is that the body will tend to heal itself when blockages, like energy blockages, along physical bodily line are removed, and energy is permitted to freely flow.

These are the tapping points (click to enlarge the image):

What you’ll do is, take 9 affirmations from your list and start tapping each point – for each point, say one of your affirmations loud. Go over all the points and one cycle is done! If you want, you can repeat it as many times as you want.

Notice any feelings afterwards & then adjust some affirmations or the process if you feel like something needs to be different.

🎬 Here’s a video example of one cycle. 🎬


As always, don’t forget to share the insights from today on the Facebook group! If you don’t feel confident to share them in public, please send me a private message on Instagram @magicofsabi.


Day 4

📖 You’ll need: your list of actions from day 1, notes from yesterday, a paper/notebook, a pen, and possibly your calendar/planner.

Today is the time we create your routines – morning, afternoon, evening, after work… Whatever it may be that you need support with in your daily life!

I want you to, once again, trust the process and just go with the flow – do the task in the order it goes and don’t skip ahead. I promise, by the end of today, you’ll have a whole toolkit of things to support you!

Today, we’re going to:
1. Determine what kinds of routines you need in life.
2. Create various versions of each routine.
3. Add them to your calendar/planner or incorporate them into your daily life in a way that fits you.

Let’s go, shall we?

⚠️ Don’t forget to do the short presence practice at the top of the page to connect with yourself first.



Think of your daily life right now or in the last few months before all the Christmas craziness. Do you have a set morning routine? Is there something you do when preparing for work or winding down? If you work with clients 1:1, do you have to somehow specifically prepare for those sessions or switch off after them? What do you do after dinner and before bed? What are your routines or small regular constants in life? Is your routine looking different on the weekends?

And then think… What would you like these moments in your day and week to look like? Are there some parts of your days when you feel you need some additional support or that feel a little chaotic currently? Maybe there are just a few minutes between switching off from a task where you need to incorporate something that helps your brain & body understand something is over or something else needs to start.

✍️ What types of routines do I have in my life currently?
✍️ What kinds of routines or small actions do I want in my life to feel like I’m living in harmony and balance?

Remember, at this stage, we’re just determining the moments that ask for some kind of routine! We’ll get to the actual routines in the next part.



Now it’s time for the actual routine setting!

At this point, you should already have a few routines listed that you have/want in your life. Time to fill them with actions and think of ways to make them work for you!

✍️ Let’s work on one routine at a time. What we’re gonna do is list out the most ideal scenario for that routine. Anything that we’d like to do in that part of the day if there would be no time or other limitations. Your perfect routine with even the smallest parts in it like grabbing a glass of water, lighting a candle or whatever it may be!

When you list out all the actions for this routine, you can also take a look at your Sun and Moon harmonizing actions that you wrote on day one.

Once you have the list ready, we’ll keep that as the “perfect routine” if you have all the time in the world.

Then think of how much time you usually have allocated for this specific routine.

✍️ What I want you to do now is look at that list you made very seriously. What are the things you really, really need most days to feel good and support yourself? List them out for yourself as your actual routine.

✍️ And then go a step further… Let’s say we’re talking about a morning routine and you’ve slept in, hit the snooze button too many times or missed your alarm. What is the very bare minimum from that actual routine you know you absolutely need to do to feel like a decent human? Great, this is now your bare minimum routine – a list of things for when you don’t have time or feel like crap.

* The beautiful thing about the bare minimum routine is that if we’ve fallen off the track completely, this is where we start to get back to ourselves because it truly is the bare minimum that we need to feel decently!

Ideally, we want to strive for the actual routine most days. Then we have that bare minimum routine to fall back on because life sometimes happens but we still need to support ourselves in one way or another. And then, in case we wake up earlier or decide to dedicate more time to ourselves, we have that “perfect routine” that we can do once in a while – either all of it or just take some additional parts from it.

✍️ Repeat the process for each routine you established in part one. It’s possible that you can’t determine 3 different types of routines from it so you can just have a bare minimum routine and the one that’s a mix of “perfect” and actual routine for when you have lots of time.

I’m going to give you an example from my own life with a routine I have for 1:1 coaching sessions with clients before I jump on a call with them:

Lots of time
Set intention
High Vibe sounds
Create protection bubble
Light a candle
Everything from the bare minimum list

Bare minimum
Fresh air (open window)
Go to toilet
Get water
Burn palo santo
Connect with all 5 senses
3 deep breaths
Read over notes



We’ve done the hardest part. Now it’s time to just put these in our lives! Depending on how many routines you have now and how many you want, you may want to start slow. There’s no need to put it all in and overwhelm yourself. Start small, with a few changes and then see how you go! 

✍️ How can you best incorporate them into your life? Does putting them on the calendar work for you? Maybe it’s setting an alarm or reminders for specific actions? Or maybe it’s writing them out on paper and keeping the paper somewhere where we can see it? Maybe it’s preparing things in the evening for the morning? Or maybe changing some things around your house so these actions feel easier (for example, if you want to light a candle every morning – have them comfortably available at the place you light them)?

Now go and do what you need to make these routines easier for you! Set those reminders, change things up around the house, set alarms, put things in the calendar – whatever you know will work for you personally.

And remember, these lists are allowed to change and adjust. Something can be taken out, some things can be added, and some can move because their priority in your well-being changes. If you feel like something’s not working for you anymore, don’t beat yourself up! Instead, just determine why and how can you find ways to make it work for you.


As always, don’t forget to share the insights from today on the Facebook group! If you don’t feel confident to share them in public, please send me a private message on Instagram @magicofsabi.


Day 5

Today is THE DAY.

We’ve done lots of inner work. Hopefully, we’ve also found ways to incorporate all these new findings about ourselves into our lives. But it’s time to go ahead and start living.

At this moment. Now.

There’s no need to be perfect. There’s no need to do it all right now – but there IS a need to start.

You might think – “oh, but I still need X, it’s too early/too late, I’m too tired, I just want to finish Y, I might as well do something else if I have time now, I don’t know where to start…” STOP.

One of those routines you set for yourself yesterday? Do it today.

One of those actions that you listed in the first day that can harmonize your Moon or Sun? Do it today.

One of those goals and dreams of yours? Take action towards reaching them, just the first step. Even if it’s small.

Those affirmations you wrote for yourself? Say them to yourself, feel them.

It can be just one thing. But start, do it today. Because, even if you made loads of notes, had heaps of ideas and discoveries, none of it matters if you don’t bring it to the existence.

Take action and see what happens, let the magic unfold 💕

If you want to say THANK YOU...

First of all, I’m grateful and humbled you said YES to coming on this 5 day journey with me. It truly makes me happy and fulfilled that you’ve let me be a part of your growth. So, from the bottom of my heart – thank you for the trust! 🙏

And if you feel like you want to give something back for the knowledge, tools and energy I gave you during these days, here are some of the options:

1. Give feedback! Send me a message over on Instagram @magicofsabi – tell me, what did you enjoy the most, how has this challenge challenged your thinking, and what has changed or improved during these days? I’ll be extremely happy for a testimonial that I could share publicly as well.

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