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Get to know yourself from the astrology perspective and see how you’ve already incorporated it intuitively in your life!


Proven techniques that combine science, spirituality, the subconscious mind and energy to create your most abundant and uplifted life.

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Every day rituals and routines to include in your life to connect with yourself and look at the body as a whole.

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Hi, I’m Sabine – Meet your Coach

Certified astrologer and trauma-informed NLP coach.

Rule breaker and traveler that’s into spirituality, oracle cards, subconscious mind, journaling and everything a little mystic.

Never worked a 9-5, been long-term traveling around Asia and now New Zealand, always saying YES to salty snacks and living as a introverted extrovert all my life.

Feeling very sensitive and intuitive with bursts of *bang* energy and very strict opinions – I’ve been confused about this most of my life. Until astrology came into my life and I realised I’m not only Cancer and there’s all sorts of things in my chart.. Like lots of Scorpio energy. That was the missing key, I finally understood that we all have different layers inside of us.

I’m coming from a marketing background and actually started my online business as an Instagram expert. Every single consultation call ended with me coaching the client… Until I finally admitted to myself that coaching is what I really love doing.

Fast forward to now – I’m a certified coach who uses lots of astrology knowledge in my teachings and practices.

And here’s what I know about you – you want to live differently and express yourself more authentically.

If someone would give me a dollar every time they’d say they’re scared to show up as themselves, talk with people in their life about their true passions, speak up online… Actually, scratch those dollars!

My biggest dream is for everyone to be able to overcome these fears and excuses! I want to live in the world where we’re being appreciated for our individuality, our weird and quirky interests, our almost impossible dreams and silliness.

And I for sure know that it comes way easier when you’re in a community that celebrates and uplifts you!

Luckily for you, you’ve found the place – I’ll happily hold a safe space for you to open up and flourish in your own way!

If this sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, you’re in the right place.

Reconnect with yourself in just 5 days

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That weird time between Christmas and New Year’s? Most times, it just mindlessly passes by & is filled with way too much food, phone scrolling and crappy TV. But what if this year could be different? What if you could strengthen yourself and set your mind and energy up for a stronger YOU in 2024?

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does this challenge costs?

A: It’s free of charge! My goal is to share the knowledge I’ve gathered throughout the years and that’s been helping me to grow.

Q: How much time do I need to allocate every day?

A: The answer might be a little annoying but it depends… On average, these could be 20-60 minutes a day.

Q: When is this challenge happening?

A: We start on 26 December and finish on 30 December.

Q: How will this challenge happen?

A: I’ll send you an email every day, explaining the task for the day. This may include written information, videos or audios. We’ll be communicating in my free FB group to share how we’re getting on with the challenge, what have been our insights, etc.

Q: I have another question…

A: I’m glad you do! Send me an email to or contact me on Instagram @magicofsabi to get your question answered.


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